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Thread: My new blog

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    My new blog

    The blog can be found at .

    I don't want to compete with Marc (The Wood Whisperer), that's for sure! But I do want to share "stuff" on a more regular basis than I did with my web site.

    Please, feel free to leave comments and suggestions about content. Thanks!


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    Looks good for a start Al!, I envy/like your shop as well as the surroundings.
    Just a question, I see that there is a geodesic dome structure outside, is it a playgroung for kids or something else?

    Did you build it? I've built a frequency III icosaedric dome out of corrugated board for five times for a showroom, and each time it amazes me.
    Best regards,

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    web site:
    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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    Thanks for your wonderful comments, Toni!

    I bet that Barcelona is starting to cool off, and that you are having wonderful weather already. We visited Spain 10 years ago, and loved it. I believe my ancestors came from Avila, in the mountains Northwest of Madrid.

    The structure is what our granddaughters call a Jungle Jim. They absolutely love being able to climb it, just like monkeys .

    Toni, I would love to see your icosahedric (spelling?) dome. How did you go about designing it? Do you have photos of it somewhere that you could share them with us?

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