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Thread: Shop tool for Stu

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    Shop tool for Stu

    Well went to a yardsale last weekend, bought an arbor that had a buffing wheel on it that was clean as new. $1.00
    Been wanting to buff some pens so tonight after turning the last pen I got to looking around and didn't have a pulley for an electric motor I had so I put the arbor in front of my lathe, chucked up a piece of wooden fence post, cut a groove that matched the groove on the arbor's pulley, found an old belt, clamped the arbor down where the belt was tight and turned the lathe back on. Put some Hut friction polish on the buffing wheel and let me tell you, it is slick. Won't be the tool for those that love VS but sure worked in a pinch!!!
    What do you think Stu?
    No pictures until end of week. Sorry, but it really happened!

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    Sounds great, love the price and the can do attitude!
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