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Thread: SU music cabinet- please critique

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    SU music cabinet- please critique

    This is for holding sheet music, etc. BTW, the drawers don't have sides on purpose. To be done yet: add the back, add a lip on the back of each drawer and add small porcelain knobs/pulls for the drawers.

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    I think you need drawer sides, and backs to keep the sheets
    from sliding around, and being damaged. Also maybe a back
    for the cabinet to keep the dust out.

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    Hi Charlie,
    It looks good so far. I would add about 3/8" behind the base board, but only on the front, to move the base out from being set back under the drawer front.
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    Looks good to me but I agree with Robert and Les.

    As far as the model goes, the faces on the base trim are backwards and I purged 4 unused components from the model.
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    I agree that you want a back on the cabinet, unless you put drawer fronts on both ends of the drawers, and assume you left it off the model to show the inside. Though you probably don't need sides on your drawers for holding the music in, you might want them for strength. A thicker bottom, or a spine on the bottom might substitute.

    I made a similar cabinet, but used shelves instead of drawers. Copying a sheet music cabinet of my great grandfather's, I made a decorative cutout on the fronts of the shelves that also serves to make it easier to pick up the sheet music from the shelves:

    My shelves are fixed, but if you put drawers behind a door, you would not need drawer fronts at all, and this would make access easier still.

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