Hi, folks! Yesterday I updated the blog, and want to share the latest with you: http://blog.sandal-woods.com/ .

I hope this can stay in the General section, as many people don't usually check the finishing area.

The update shows some details of construction of the spray booth we have in the finishing room:

1. How I attached the motor, using duct tape, to the foam insulation sheet that is the back of the booth:

2. The busy side of the booth, showing the 1/4-inch mesh screen I installed to prevent the filter from being sucked in; also, a peek at the Velcro strips I used to make the "hinges" that hold the sides to the back:

3. Details of the Velcro hinges:

I hope this provides some ideas others can use, to help them make their own booths. I hope you will find the time to drop by and visit. Thanks for looking!