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Thread: BCTW HP6v2 plane - Anybody tried one?

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    BCTW HP6v2 plane - Anybody tried one?

    Bridge City has a small special on a dado plane set that attaches to a small plane body (cost of the body not included).
    Has anyone used this plane? I very often do 1/16" inlays using a laminate trimmer but I have to admit this plane body and 1/16" setup are pretty tempting. I love BCTW stuff, but dont always love their prices even though they're extremely well made. Just curious how useful this small plane is with the other cutter profiles that have already been out for a while.
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    Its an interesting design. At first I thought the prices were reasonable, but since you said it did not come with something, and I am not familiar with the Bridgecity brand, I was not sure what was what. If I am reading this right, the price listed is just for the cutting attachment?

    I would think in your line of work, you might like the Lie Nielsen Router Plane #71 I believe. I was just at a fair yesterday and picked one up. I built a few at my 90 day plane building apprentice coarse with Lie Nielsen so I know their construction literally inside and out. It may be what you need to make your inlay work easier?

    Interestingly enough, a new member on here, Paul Hubbman and I chatted privatively about making a router plane from scratch. I like to make my own tools and the router planes, made both then and now, have some limitations. Paul and I discussed some neat features we would add to any router plane I make. Unfortunately it will be some time before I make one. (Too many other projects right now).

    I gotta ask though, if I do make a router plane I would appreciate any design advice you could give me. I don't do a lot of inlay work so your help would be nice. One of my goals in making new tools is not only to make something unique and pretty, but VERY functional.
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    The plane body itself isn't included in that price, but they make a dozen or so different cutter profiles/soles that attach to the body. If you click on one of the other links on that page, you can get to the tool catalog and see the other attachments for it. It's only the small dado cutters that are new and on special at the moment. I do have both a LV large router plane and a LN Beading plane that I could probably use too if I made a 1/16" cutter for it.
    Aside from being blinded like a deer in headlights by a shiny pretty tool though is the square sides. I like the idea of not having to use a fence off the edge if you dont want to but a clamped on straight edge instead. If you do make a router plane, I would think a square sided one would have some real benefits so you could use it without a fence. I think I'll hold off doing anything for now. Maybe if I'm an especially good boy, Santa will reward me later on.
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