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Thread: New mitre saw

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    New mitre saw

    I designed and build a new mitre saw for my segmented turnings.
    I have a mitre saw I bought a time ago in a do it yourself shop, but this thing works very bad, it's something like we say here in Holland, '' een waardeloos ding", in English, a worthless thing.
    I always make for my segmented turnings segmented rings excisting of 12 segments, so 30 degrees segments.
    I can now cut segments under an angle of 15 degrees on each side, and repeatable, by using a build up ruler, so all the segments are the same, that was my goal.
    The whole construction of the saw is almost made of aluminium, also the base.
    The round bottom plate is made of two pieces 1/2'' muliplex, and 8mm laminate, all glued together, so the surface is as flat as it can be.
    The guiding system excist of 4 hard wooden rollers with turned nylon linear bearings, mounted in steel inside tubes into the wooden rollers, so when I get wear out on the wooden rollers, they are easely to replace, by turning new wooden rollers. Everything is adjustable, the position of the rollers as well the cutting angle. I have to find out the right positions, by trying out.
    Next monday it's a try out day, anyway I saw a straight cut by trying out the saw. And more important, I had a lot of fun with making this saw.
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    Beautiful tool. And, I'm sure it is super accurate. Haven't noticed you here previously. If I missed you, a late "Howdy".
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    That's a beautiful tool Ad.

    Stu is going to love this one.


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    Oh my, that is NICE!!

    Don, you know me so well
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    very nice ad!
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    That looks like a great solution to the problems you had with your old miter saw. Great job, Ad.
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you all very much.
    Today was a try out day, made 12 segments with straight cuts and of course the same size, so I'm happy.

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