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    Want to say hi to all. Just became a member and appreciate the advice i picked up from this group. Am finally setting up a new workshop after 5 years working out of a shoe box. I will be buying a new table saw ,band saw, joiner and planer and i am looking for any and all advice on what to buy. Although i would like to buy the best, i have to keep dollars in mind. I am tackling furniture for the first time so any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all. Nick from Charlotte , N.C.

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    First of all Welcome.
    2nd, enjoy your woodworking
    3rd, research, research, research, research, for tool selections

    the coffee pot is on

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    Buy used quality machines. Take your time and have the cash ready when something come available. I have been amazed at what has been dumped in my lap over the past 2 years. Even had a few given to me. But they were old and needed restored. Might be more than you want to tackle but used IMO is the way to go. You can get better quality for less money.
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    Howdy Nick!

    Welcome to the Family!


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    Welcome to the clubhouse, Nick.

    Regarding the tool advice, it'd help to know a few more details about what you're looking for and a relative range you want to spend. (We're real good at spending other peoples' money...most of us have had a lot of practice with our own. ) Do you know if you're looking for a cabinet saw or a contractor-style table saw? (Or perhaps a slider?) Are you looking for the standard 14" bandsaw that a lot of us have, or do you anticipate needing something bigger? For jointers and planers, there are a number of good choices, depending on the price range you're comfortable with. Once we have more info, we can offer more specific suggestions, for both new and used tools.

    Also, I'm going to move this thread over into the General Woodworking Q&A area, so it'll be seen by more folks.

    Again, welcome aboard -
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    Welcome, Nick. I'll second what Vaughn said.

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    Welcome to the Family Nick!

    I'm a big advocate of good used equipment too, you have some good advice here so far, with some more details, we can help even more!
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    More info please, so we can help better!

    I made a lot of the furniture on my web site with a contractor saw and Home Depot class equipment. Then I moved (in one giant step) to a high end shop of MiniMax equipment. I can make things faster, and get high quality more easily, but I don't think that there is anything I have made with the new equipment that I couldn't have made with the old equipment, given enough patience, effort, and time.

    If you are sure you will be using the equipment a lot, then I would recommend investing in excellent tools and machinery. But if you "think" you would like a nice shop, and are pretty sure you will use it a lot, but aren't certain, then starting cheaper may be the best solution, upgrading as bargains become available and as your techniques demand.
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    Its nice here !

    And LOTS of tolorence. I tend to troll the pawn shops on a regular basis. They dont take stuff that don't run. Once there you can inspect and run it before you buy. The ones I go to tend to keep the prices in relation to the age and condition of the tool / machine. Might not be a Jet or other high end machine but it'll do 'till you start makeing the big bucks !

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    Hello fellow Charlottean!

    You'll probably get a lot of advice here! Are you looking at doing this as a hobby, turning it into a business. I think you'll find that if the folks here know what your plans are, you'll get some better advise. Right now you could get recommendations for everything from an older Delta Unisaw, Grizzly, Powermatic, up to a Felder slider for table saws. Same with the other equipment you have listed. Also let everyone know what kind of shop space you have!

    Which side of town are you on?



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