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Thread: Welcome to the Carpentry and Construction forum

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    Welcome to the Carpentry and Construction forum

    Woodworking, for me, is a continuum all the way from childís toy, to a small shelf, to a TV cabinet, to a bedroom suite, to a deck, to a workshop, to a house. And it doesn't matter whether the item is new or if it is being restored. It's all woodworking.

    This forum is intended to be used for projects in the upper end of that spectrum. And it, is not limited to just woodwork. Associated work such as foundations, electricity, plumbing, dust control, heating, cooling, and roofing also fall within the scope of this forum.

    I plan to share some of many projects and look forward to hearing about yours.
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    Thank you Frank,
    For both proposing and moderating this forum.

    All woodworking and construction that I have done thus far and that I will be doing for some months into the future is applicable only to this forum. It will not be until after I rejoin my sweetheart (sorry to bring my pet name for her to a public forum), in Arizona that I will set-up shop and do finer (I hope), woodstuffs. Until then I will be doing very mundane projects on my Motherís house, then, when arriving in AZ, will be first running heavy gauge wire to my shop building and raising lights.

    I will have one project to post here soon, however.

    Thanks again, Frank,
    Frank Chaffee

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