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Thread: Showtime...Day 1...Bad News/Good News - Day 2 Update

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    Showtime...Day 1...Bad News/Good News - Day 2 Update

    Day 1 of my first two-day show has come and gone. We left the house Saturday morning about 6:30, which is the dead of night for me. (I'm a hardcore night owl. 10:00 AM is early for me, even on a weekday.) It was a beautiful day in Southern California, except for the rain (including occasional deluges) and overcast skies. Not really an inviting day for the public to go to an outdoor art fair. I had a total of two sales. That was the bad news.

    The good news is that the two sales involved a pen, a bowl, and a hollow form, and I've already made back my $270 entry fee and then some. So even if I sell nothing tomorrow, I've still covered my immediate costs. (I'm not counting start-up business costs like buying the canopy and display stuff.) And I suspect tomorrow will be better sales-wise, since the forecast is for clear and sunny weather.

    The other good news (or at least a bit of ego stroke) was the promo poster LOML noticed in one of the neighborhood shop windows. This is a bad pic, but the hollow form on the poster is mine.

    And here's a close-up of the fine print...they even spelled my name right:

    I'll post the rest of the story sometime Sunday night.
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    Great news, Vaughn.... Good luck with sales today, but you are already "famous" our eyes!

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    That's Great, Vaughn. That is quite a STROKE to make the Ad Poster on your First show. Hope the sales go great today and you make a BUNCH of $$$$$$. Anyhow, now that you've got your "Ante" back, you can have FUN with the show today.

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    That is great Vaughn. Enjoy yourself and I hope you have great sales.
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    Well folks, we can say we knew him when.....

    Get a copy of that poster Vaughn, I'd frame it and hang it in the workshop!

    Maybe you could get a bunch, and give away free autographed copies with each sale!

    Good luck!
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    Good Morning Vaughn,

    Sounds like day one wasn't a total loss and that you've established a reputation. I would certainly get several copies of that poster; good for the old portfolio. I hope today is a great day for you.

    Around here one of the best venues for selling turnings is the big monthly Nashville Flea Market. However, it's only good for one month of the year, maybe two. Those months are October and November. I know floks who only have booths on those months because they are the only two decent months of the year for sales. The organizers have even noticed this and put a little pressure on the vendors by letting them know if they don't rent space in the months preceding October, they go into a lottery for the award of booth space, and this place covers an entire 50 acre state fair grounds.

    Best of luck today!
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    Hey, Vaughn,

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome!!!!!

    Would you mind including your autograph in ANY PM you might send from now on? You don't write, you don't FAX, you don't call,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Well folks, we can say we knew him when.....

    That Vaughn guy? yeah, I knew him back then. Back in the old days when he actually had ... get this .. carpet in his shop! Not only that, but he turned on a (censored) -- oh yeah, forgot that we signed that legal agreement not to disclose that.

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    Congratulations Vaughn and besh wishes for this day
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    Get a bunch of those posters and stash them away for 25 years or so, then cash in. One of these days they're likely to fetch the type of prices that old Santana posters from the Fillmore days get. Course, that's assuming you get to be as famous as we think you will.
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