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Thread: New to this Forum

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    New to this Forum

    Time to introduce myself. I am a 62 year old guy who recently retired from a major aero-space company in the Seattle/Everett area. I moved away from the mad house of Seattle to Longview Washington. Six year Navy Veteran of the Viet Nam “Conflict”. Recently single, and a new comer to the woodworking world. I have a small shop with mostly inexpensive tools. I started making bird houses and planters for the LOML. I have slowly improved my skills, and have actually made some decent projects for family and friends. I am trying to expand my knowledge of all things wood working, and have, in the past few months, discovered the never ending vortex of wood turning. I see a lot of names here from other forums that I frequent, and this one seems to be on par with the WWA, which I visit daily. I probably won’t post a whole lot, as I am still much into the learning phase. So anyway, that be me.

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    Hey Bob! Welcome to the Family! Glad to have you here, and don't be shy about posting! We love to see what you've been making and there are plenty of people to provide answers to questions!

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    Welcome Bob! Glad to have another turner aboard.
    I may be lost but I'm making good time!
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    Hi Bob,
    Nothing you have said can nor will be held against you...
    Welcome here.! Glad to have you aboard.
    I am a registered voter and you can be too. We ( registered voters ) select the moderators for this forum by voting every six months for the people we want to watch over this family forum.
    Please join me. Register now.
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    Hey Bob, welcome to the Family!

    Thanks for your service to your fine country!

    "Aero-space company" eh?

    I've seen a lot of impressive work from employees, or former employees of such aero-space companies, I'm sure you will be no different, so, if you can, show us some of your stuff, please!

    We love pics and learn a great deal from them, shop set up, tool stations, projects, heck, even blown up projects, always something to learn, or an neat idea or two to borrow

    Again, welcome to the family!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Hi Bob

    Thanks for joining and introducing yourself. Don't hesitate to post, we all learn from each other and sometime I surprise myself on my ability to contribute!

    You will find this is a very good group of people who respect each other and are always helpful.

    As Stu says........ pictures always welcome!


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    Hi Bob

    Wellcome to this great bunch of people, I'm sure you will love it

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    hi bob!
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    Thanx for the welcome, I will post a couple of pics later, as soon as I can find them on the computer. I know they are here somewhere.

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    Bob, Bob here to welcome you.

    The rule of the house is post once per year to keep your membership.

    The coffee pot is on

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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