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Thread: BITTER END!!!!!

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    BITTER END!!!!!

    well my birhtday wknd ended with a very sour taste i my mouth,, i was burglarized last night before i went to work this am.. got alot from the old shop that we had bixed up for moving to the new one and oh steve A the ol betsy we had apicture with is gone too.... so what was lookin like a good wknd turned very bitter end.... Mr C they didnt get my planes
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    Sorry man, that really sucks.
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    i hope you find `em before the cops do........bummer man!
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    That stinks. I've had the experience and really feel for your loss. I have had a reasonably sophisticated alarm system ever since the break in. Battery and cellular back-up and all that.

    Of course as long as I'm paying for the alarm service, no one will try to steal anything . . . at least it gets me a break on my homeowner's insurance. What was stolen last time would have paid for the service for several years. The insult to injury thing is that if I had filed a claim, the cost for insurance would have doubled for the next 3 years so I ate it.
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    Larry, thats to bad, If your interested, I can hook you up with a personal alarm system thru my son's audio business. Also you most certainly get the family discount. Lets get your new shop protected. Let me know if I can be of any Help!


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    Very unfortunate news. Sorry to hear that. Keep yer powder dry.
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    Larry, that is terrible. I am sorry to hear of the robbery. I though hope the cops get them before you do as they even if convicted probably won't get much, but if you were to find them and take it out of their hide, you would be hung. Don't know what the world is coming to, but at times isn't pretty. I fear a cold winter will bring on more thieving as money does seem tight to most people.

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    Major drag, Larry! Brought back feelings I'd hoped to forget.

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    There is a very special place in a Hades for thieves

    Sorry to hear about your troubles Larry.......
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    Oh man, that stinks. I cannot fathom how someone can do that - how do they justify stealing? It would be too much shame and guilt for me to handle. I guess some just don't care.

    Larry, I hope you have good luck getting your things back.


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