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Thread: I can see my house from space! ;)

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    I can see my house from space! ;)

    Hey, folks,

    Thanks to Lee and Vaughn I've lost about half an hour of otherwise productive time today playing with google earth and google maps. For example, if you look here in google earth: 3903'43.56" N 7700'59.20" W

    you can see why I wanted a chainsaw so badly: just think of all the fallen wood in that forest that's going to end up on my lathe...

    And if you look here, you can see my office...

    38 56'08" N 77 00'05" W

    I'm sending this just so *you* too can waste a ton of time cruising around in here...



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    I looked up your place Steve and it showed you live on or near a waterway, had the right address too

    If you could see Mr. Merlau place from space it would show him between a golf course and two lakes.....and he says he is in the sticks

    Me?....I'm in the middle of a neighbors
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Yer probably close.

    We have a year round, flowing creek real close.

    Larry's by a golf course?

    Hey he must be real high class then

    So when Larry visited were "hobknobbing"?

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    I see enormous potential for this.
    Stay tuned. Once I get y'all located, I'm gonna start filling up some waterballoons.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Shepard View Post
    I see enormous potential for this.
    Stay tunes. Once I get y'all located, I'm gonna start filling up some waterballoons.....
    Careful Doug...I know where you live and I can launch some back at ya!
    A very wise man once said.......
    "I'll take my chances with Misseurs Smith and Wesson. "

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    Besides Google Earth there is another free site with aerial photos and satillite photos. It is This is from microsoft and does not require a download to run. If you are accessing this site on a Mac you will need to use the Firefox browser as Safari does not work with this site.
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    I broke out Google Maps today after we went to a deconstruction sale.

    A house on a 6 acre plot was sold for the land, and the owners are selling anything from the house that people will buy, from the doors and trim to bathtubs and fixtures. It's weird to walk into a bedroom and the closet doors were sold and removed - with the clothes still hanging in the closets.

    The house will be demolished, so it's pieces are to be sold or going into the dumpster.

    The "wild" portion was the apartment over the 3 car garage. The son is a woodworker and had built a custom oak kitchen and office. That stuff was not for sale - the son was taking it and would use it elsewhere. Ton's of oak cabinets with raised panels. Pretty nice work.

    No tools of note were for sale. If you KNOW electronics you might have found some bargains - components were scattered around on the floor and not priced. I didn't need anything I recognized.

    They are building 5 homes on the land. The seller said he wasn't planning on selling, till they made him an offer he couldn't turn down. There are several houses up hill from the plot that will probably go for close to $1 million. It's hard to believe that the real estate market hasn't softened at this level, but builders are still building them.

    The land backs up to the local quarry, which is closing and being converted into a housing community surrounding a lake. That's why so much land was available, too close to the quarry with blasting and a rock crushing operation till now. Google maps showed this clearly.

    My kid's thought Google maps was cool - if you zoom in you can see the deck on my house. You can tell by the tree cover and shadows that the pictures of my area were taken on a winter morning.


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    If anyone is interested you can "fly" around your home town, province, state or the world...

    See here ->
    Cheers! - Jim

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