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Thread: Dovetail Workstation/Storage Box Pics Please

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    Dovetail Workstation/Storage Box Pics Please

    I am looking to build a workstation/storage box for my dovetail jig. At one time I saw a great looking one that had dovetails in it but can't seem to find it on a search.

    If you have a dovetail workstation/storage box please post a pic if you would.


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    ShopNotes Vol 16 Issue 93 has exactly what you are looking for.
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    I don't worry too much about dust getting on the dovetail jig. I do worry about it being stable enough, so that vibration does not become a factor when cutting dovetails (DTs). Why? Because, especially with a board this size, vibration CAN be bad, and could transmit to the board, possibly affecting the cut.

    The following is an excerpt of a previous post I made here; you can read more by clicking on this link.

    I built a sturdy box, as suggested in the Leigh User Guide for their D4 jig, primarily to raise the jig to a more comfortable height for me. I used red oak, and used DTs for the jig base, as shown in this photo. Please ignore the boards below the box; I had to use those to raise the board off the floor just so I could cut the tails and pins:

    I also had to use BIG cauls to hold the jig base in place - it worked pretty well for me:

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