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Thread: Radial arm saw

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    Radial arm saw

    A coworker of mine acquired a Delta/rockwell radial arm saw. It's in good
    shape except it has no switch. Plug it in to start unplug it to turn it off.
    He wants to restore it as best as possible. Can someone please help him,
    where or if he can purchase, or maybe download an owners manual.

    The serial no. is 11182AA Catalog no. 33285

    Thanks for your help

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    Check out Delta site for starters, then check with the guys at OWWM. You should be able to find the info online!

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    Radial arm saw

    Try your local DeWalt/Porter-Cable/Delta/Black & Decker Service Center.

    Thay have all the old Delta manuels or should be able to get them.

    Nancy Laird
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    This should be the saw. You might also have your friend contact the owner of this one for information.

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    If they don't have the exact one, I bet there is one close enough to help. Litterly thousands of publications available here.
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    579 carries older Delta parts.
    They may be a good resource.
    Good luck with it.
    Paul Hubbman

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