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Thread: Hello to All

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    Hello to All

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Just a quick hello to all from a new member. I didn't even know this place existed until today when I saw a reference to it on "another forum." I see a lot of familiar names from that "other place." Now I've got two sites to follow.

    I'm a little curious as to why everyone migrated from there to here. And how come no one told me they were leaving???

    Look forward to participating in the forums.


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    hi jack! glad you found us wayward souls
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    Welcome Jack, I visit many different sites, but this is by far my favorite. The name says it all, FAMILY.

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    Welcome aboard, Jack. Good to see you here. Yep, a lot of us were (or still are) members over at Sawmill Creek. This place was originally started by a group of us that didn't necessarily agree with the way things were done at SMC, so we started our own forum. We don't wish any ill will towards SMC, but some of us are no longer welcome there. (BTW, it's OK to say the name, and even to post links to other forums here. Just as long as you don't bash them, it's all good.) Of course, we do have better smilies.

    FamilyWoodworking has a similar intent (the sharing of woodworking knowledge and such in a friendly, non-confrontation environment), but the forum staff (the Moderators) are elected by the members, and questionable posts are handled a bit differently. Most decisions are made by at least three mods. No one single person "runs" this place. The elected staff does, instead. Have a look at the Members Only section to see some of the history. You'll find the Forum Constitution, the Moderator Rules, and the Code of Conduct spell out the details pretty well.

    Again, welcome.
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    Hello Jack! Welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hogoboom View Post
    I'm a little curious as to why everyone migrated from there to here.
    Hi there Jack!

    Welcome to the Family

    It sure won't take you long to find out why folks like it here.

    To put it simply, it is where the grownups live.


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    Welcome Jack, glad you found us!

    Sorry we could not announce on SMC that we started a new forum, that would just simply be against the way they choose to run their forum

    Again, glad you found us, and welcome to the Family!
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    Glad you found the place, Jack. Welcome.
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    Welcome Jack


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    Hi Jack, settle in and don't be shy, you are welcome here.
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