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Thread: Safety Glasses - Full Lens Magnifier!

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    Safety Glasses - Full Lens Magnifier!

    Been looking for a long time to replace my old safety magnifer glasses.

    Found this place

    These are NOT Bifocals but the whole lens is a magnifier.

    Bought a pair years ago at Woodcraft and have never seen them again till these.

    Good, quick service. I picked up 2 pair.

    They also have powered faceshields. Not sure on their prices compared to others but give them a look.

    No affilation - just a happy customer who finally replaced his glasses.

    I checked their price for the Trend Airshield = $232

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    Those look good Pete

    I assume you meant these ones......?

    Magnifiying Safety Glasses

    You link is broken.

    I had the LASIK done last year, and I don't need reading glasses (yet) but for smaller detail work these might be just the thing.


    PS they even ship internationally!
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    I bought some of the bi-focal safety glasses from a while back and I love them. I was always taking off the safety glasses and putting on my reading glasses and forgetting to swap back. Best thing I have done!

    Even people that don't need them would might find them handy for small work. I was thinking of getting a strong set of things like sharpening saw blades.
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