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Thread: One Stop Shopping

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    One Stop Shopping

    Does anyone here use one particular site as a "one-stop-shopping" place? IOW, any place or catalog from which you will buy many (most?) items? Any comments on Grizzly catalog (not just the power tools)? What about Woodcraft or Rockler?


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    I shop around.
    I haven't been able to find that "one-stop-shopping" place...yet.
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    I gotta say, Highland Hardware gets the nod from me. They got a lot of replacement parts for old planes and stuff, and plenty of new stuff too. For what I buy, that is who I typically go shopping with. They have an excellent online website and I get my stuff within a day or so.

    This was not meant to be an ad per se, but I really like them, their website and their customer service. If that was an ad, then I apologize.
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    I find that one outfit will have the best price on one item and another outfit on the other. I buy from Lee Valley whenever possible due to the amazing customer service. I buy from Rockler and Woodcraft, McFeelys, Holbren, MLCS, etc. depending.

    If you join (no cost) their email clubs; Rockler and Woodcraft send all kinds of goodies for 20% off, free shipping, etc. That steers me there at the time. MLCS ships free to the lower 48 if you need a quick bit for something but their quality varies (I was not thrilled with their brad point bits, returned them), their forstners and router bits are OK.

    Someone ships Whiteside bits for free and they are outstanding. saw blades I generally watch for Amazon specials as with Bessy clamps. . . you get the idea; I guess the answer is no for me. You do need to consider shipping as you can pay more for an item but, if it is ordered with other items the total shipping may be less than ordering from two places.
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    Lee Valley

    For (non-power) tools and for hardware almost all my purchases are from Lee Valley. The vast majority of their merchandise is of good quality and their service is the right up there at the top.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Lee Valley,,,, for internet

    Oddly Amazon is good if you are willing to look. I just got a dewalt 618 router refurbished for about $100 from Amazon. So I do look around.

    Rockler and Woodcraft are local so I can get whiteside or CMT bits from them when I need them and cannot wait for delivery.

    I do a LOT of searching. Look at this and you will see what I mean. My has gotten a little out of hand.

    I basically study, research and think a lot about my purchases, then find the best price and service level.

    Right now I am driving myself crazy thinking about DC duct work... but that's another thread and another story.

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    Not a paid ad . . .

    Lee Valley is always my first stop. If they don't have it it'll, at least, get ya in the ballpark. And I MUST agree, their service folks ARE second to none ! Plus, the catalogue is a pleasure. Hate to knock any outfit but I've found, too many times, Rockler back orders more than they ship. And its always indefinate. I don't think they keep everything they carry on-hand like LV.

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    I don't actually have an overall one stop shop, however I frequently buy things from Rockler. That is mostly because they have a store about 25 minutes away from my house. I like to look at and touch the products in person, if given the chance. Plus as mentioned in a pervious post, they send out sale flyers and percent off coupons all the time.
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    I have bought at least one thing from every company mentioned here plus several more companies so you can see that I do not use a one stop for everything store. I have been treated well by everyone that I have delt with and that is a good thing for us buyers. The reason that I buy from so may sources is that I wait, if possible, and buy most everything when it is on sale. If I find a really, really good price I will buy whatever it is and put it back even if I do not need it at the time but see a need for it in the future. I figure that I save at least 30% average so if I were to buy goods, over a periond of time, that have a street price of $5000 the 30% savings gives me an additional $1500 to spend on more "stuff". That is too much of a difference for me to have "one stop" loyality. I am loyal to my friends though if that counts for anything.

    I guess that this type of buying would only work for an amature though as when the professional needs something he needs it and cannot afford to wait. Usually I have enough time between planning to do something and actually getting underway that I can compare prices and receive an order.

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    ken, my suggestion is to foster local relationships, especially for stuff like hand held power tools....most areas have a service center that services and sells the major brands, that`s the place to do business. if you have a drill or router go south on you,you can generally get it fixed while you wait...try that with online or mailorder houses...having a good working relationship with a tool and fastener supply house is invaluable to me, being able to ask the repair techs "what drill/saw/router/ect. can`t i tear up?" has saved me thousands of dollars and made my work so much easier....what`s that worth?
    hardware and specialty items is another others have said lee valley is reputable,as is horton, tools for working wood is another good source for hand tools......the folks who gleen your name and address from magizine subscriptions and send you unsolicited catalogues i don`t patronize as a matter of principle......
    just another perspective.....tod
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