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Thread: Gonna be gone for a bit....

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    Gonna be gone for a bit....

    We recently had a death in the famiy, my cousin Sue's son was killed yesterday while driving to work. He was 26. He was also a friend of my son's who is the same age. They went to High School together, played on the baseball team together......tossed back a few cold ones together....dated the same girl....

    Kurt leaves behind a wife and two small children.

    His obituary in todays paper.....

    DeMuth, Kurt J., 26, HVAC specialist, died Wednesday. Services 10 a.m. Saturday

    The details of his accident

    I am gonna be gone a while, not forever , I like this place too much to leave....but instead of sitting here at the keyboard at night, I'm gonna go out to the shop.... build a crib for my upcoming grandson, spend some time with my sons..... call them up and ask them to stop could have been them, they drive the same route....Life is short....sometimes very short.

    I'll be back.....but first I feel the need to spend some quality time with my son's...who could have been in Kurt's shoes.....oh I feel so bad for the widow and the babies.....

    I'll be back, keep the light on for me.
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    The light will always be on Brother,you know that.

    My sympathies to the family

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    Shake your kids hands, then give them a hug. They're gonna say 'Aw, Dad' but do it anyway.
    You know we're here for you. Spend the time with your family. That's what is most important. Thoughts and prayers to your extended family. Jim.
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    That's a sad story for condolences to you and your family. I think your way of dealing with it is excellent.
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    Steve, it always saddens me to hear of the good ones going too early! Take your time and do what you have to. I'm sure every one will understand.

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    You've got your priorities straight! Hug the wife and kids, make some sawdust, we look forward to pics when you come back to the cybershop.


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    all the support we can muster won't be enough, but it is yours just the same.

    Travel well, Brother.

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    Steve, we understand, and we've got your back. You're doing the right thing. We'll keep a cold one in the fridge for when you get back.
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    Take your time, Steve. Let us know if there's anything we can do...

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    I understand how you feel Steve. I was involved in a bad traffic accident a few weeks ago myself, which thankfully I wasn't harmed. Then we got a phone call night before last that my wife's friend was involved in an accident, thrown from the vehicle and killed. She was 33 and about to be married in a couple of days. Life is short.Best of luck and wishes to you and your family.

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