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Thread: Oak Shelf unit Yes I do do some wood

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    Oak Shelf unit Yes I do do some wood

    Yes I do do some wood working on occasion. even some flat work. My sister and her husband sold the house, bought a 1 ton and 32 foot fifth wheel and moved into it. Like a woman she immediately had to remodel There was some wasted space around the kitchen table. She was lacking a place to set her printer. We unbolted the table from the floor so it could be moved out if needed, don't worry there are tie downs in the floor so it can be secured. I whipped up this bookshelf over the course of a couple days. Sent her to the sawmill since I was working and had her pick out some rough sawn red oak, and a piece of 1/4 inch ply for the back. Since we where on a schedule it was nothing fancy. Assembled the whole thing with pocket screws.

    Some minwax golden oak stain a few coats of sprayed on Magne lac pre cat lacquer and color me done. The left here and went to a show/convention/get together for campers in Indiana. She gave my number to several people who saw it.

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    Hey, that is great, love the use of space, I'm real sensitive to space issues, and this is great solution for sure!
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    Hi Robert,
    Real nice project, and you knocked it out soon too. Looks real functional and space saving. More!!!!!!!!!! More!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, Shaz
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    Great use of the space, Robert. I could use something like that in the motor home------if I was ever going to use the motor home again.And it looks like your sister has a good eye for lumber. That's some pretty oak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Mickley View Post
    ...No laughing at my ugly mug

    Nice work!
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    Thanks guys, I did another piece in the bedroom but my sister has failed to mail me the pictures yet

    Shaz, I can get motivated. When some one is standing over me cracking the whip.

    Winter is coming so hopefully I can get some more shop time in.

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