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Thread: Earliest Happy Memories

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    Earliest Happy Memories

    I got to thinking which is always a mistake on my part. Things eventually came around to some of my earliest memories - happy ones that is. My Mom and I lived with my Grandparents until I was in elementary school. I remember hours of trumpet sonatas, solos, practice scales etc. floating up from the basement of their huge old house. (Pop was in the orchestra and practiced in the basement)

    Singing with my Grandfather "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush" standing in the back seat of their bright red '64 Falcon.

    Long days playing outside with neighbors - twins Donald and Billy, and Jon Jon. Which do include a few sets of stitches on each our parts.

    The monster in the attic of the garage (turned out to be the paper-mache mountain from my Uncles Lionel train set.)

    Nanny making tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner my favorite at the time. (Nanny was one Grandmotherly type that hated cooking - she was up for a street race or two when the young turks get out of line. But that's a whole 'nuther story.

    I go through my memories, and wonder what memories I am helping foster in my Little Man. I may not be around to hear him recount them, but I pray they are full of joy and Love.

    So now that I've gotten sappy, what memories pop into your head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wes Bischel View Post
    .....So now that I've gotten sappy, what memories pop into your head?
    ......falling asleep under the Christmas tree, with all the light on it and the presents stacked around it when I was about 4, one of my first real solid memories.

    .....the sights and sounds of a clear mountain lake, just at sunrise, the water is glass smooth, with a little bit of mist on it in places, the sun is reflecting off the surface as it come over the tree tops, I sit in the boat, with my cousins, we are too overwhelmed to speak, then a fish jumps and we remember why we are sitting here on the boat motionless, up so early on a beautiful spring day, and we start casting our flies, hoping to have fish for breakfast.

    .....coming home from the beach, the seat of the car is HOT after sitting in the parking lot all day under the hot summer sun. We put our beach towels down on the seats so be don't get singed. My Mom tells us to clean our feet, as they are covered in sand and she does not want the sand in the car, we try, really we do, but doing the hot foot dance on the asphalt of the parking lot, while trying to clean you feet makes it difficult. We all pile into the car, and head down the road towards home, the windows open, (no AC) and no seatbelts (Older car). We stick our hands out the window and make it like the wing of an airplane, going up and down, laughing like idiots. On the way home, Dad decides we need some ice cream, so we stop at DQ, we get flying saucers, and while we are enjoying eating them, we are pulled by conflicting desires, to eat it as slow as possible, and enjoy it, but wanting to finish it to see if the stick our flying saucer was on says "FREE" on it, so we get another one.

    Bringing back lots of good memories here
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    here are a few of mine.....

    My grandma taking fresh bread out of the oven and slicing it for my brother and me. loading it with fresh butter, mmm, mmm, mmm.

    running into trees and stumps while my dad attempted to learn how to ride a bike, (we didn't have helmets then) 1 concussion, 2 concussion, 3 concussion, 4....

    waiting for my mom to get home from work @ 3pm to take us to the pool

    my brother convincing me I should jump off the rood of shed... I was thinking, "why would my brother tell me to do something that is stupid?" Didn't take long for me to learn

    many, many more.....

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