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Thread: Khaya Mahogany bowl

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    Talking Khaya Mahogany bowl

    Well this is a Khaya Mahogany bowl that's for my BIL for his B Day. I figured he could put it on his bureau for his change etc...

    It was supposed to be 1/8'' thick but to get rid of the gouge marks I had to scrape it to a thickness of about 1/16'' You can see the glue line but I think it adds character.

    I tried to use a little bit of BLO just to see what it looks like a little darker also I forgot to use sanding sealer hopefully it comes out good.
    In the pic I have the first coat of Seal-A-Cell.

    Comments / Critiques, all welcome
    Don't hold back honest answers good or bad all will help me get better.

    Thanks Chuck

    P.S. I'm trying the thunbnail thingies hopefully they work. :

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    That looks really nice Chuck!

    (I edited the spacing of the pics, just easier to look at and see it is two pics)

    I'm sure you BIL will be happy with that, make sure you date and sign it for him too.
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    That'll be a great gift, Chuck! Congrats on some nice work.

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    Chuck, looks great, nice flat bottom, simply shape, but nothing wrong with that, have no judgement about the outside, hard to see it on the picture.
    Very nice gift to Bill.

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    Very nice Chuck!

    I really like the flat bottom.

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    Thats a great gift Chuck. I like the form and flat bottom. I made one for my son and he loves it for change, keys, etc.
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    Dang, that's nice. I noticed the local woodcraft has some large chunks. Maybe I should get some, considering how nice that came out!




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