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Thread: Pecan NE.......

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    Pecan NE.......

    I started this and sorta got it too thin to soak n dry, so I finished it off. It's 6" high at the tallest wing, 6 1/2" & 8" wide x 1/4" thick.

    What I wanna know is the it or not? I think it's growin on me.

    Also.....any criticism/advice welcome.

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    You know Joe, at first glance, no, I did not like the base.....but, now, after a few minutes...... yeah, I can see that working

    Kind of ties together with that WAY OUT there edge...... GREAT job of keeping the bark on this one!
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    I like the base. It seems that we sometimes get forced into using fewer and fewer designs. I think you made a good choice!

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    Hi Joe,
    That is very beautiful, and the fact that you could keep the bark on as Stu said is really sweet!
    As for the base/foot we can offer options but please don't change anything till YOU make the decision because you believe it to be right for you!
    I say this because of an instance in college, in an oil painting class I was taking. I was painting up a storm, non objective art in the 1960's, when I was close to something I really liked in a painting. The instructor came over and threw in his critique about this and that and good things here which could be tied into that weak area over there and this shape isn't working here! Well I tried to do what I thought he was talking about as I had seen his work and and I liked it. Ends up the painting I had like started to suck, it got only worse. Moral... don't change something of your own, especially if you like it, even if critiqued by the master himself, until you understand the critique and agree it is a good choice for your piece.
    Shaz P.S. That's my critique and you sure don't have to listen to me.
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    Joe that is a great looking bowl. I like the foot. I think it is like Larry Hasiak said one time we get zoned in on thin, small feet, and hollowing with very small openings. He said do one of each and get it out of your system. I agree we get in a rut and can't get out. I would leave it alone. Looks good on that piece.
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    Having turned only one bowl, I doubt if I'm qualified to say anything more than I like it!

    I spent some time "drawing" profiles with my mouse on the picture, simply following the bowl side straight down would create a "top heavy" piece in my estimation.


    PS I understand, I think, the challenges of keeping the bark on a turning while it is being created. What happens to these pieces over time? Does the bark edge represent a weak spot in the piece and crack off with use? It seems to me that natural edge turnings are meant more for display rather than use, but even they have to be handled occasionally to dust/polish and perhaps to put something in for display.

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    That's way cool
    I like the base it fits & it's nice & flat looks good.


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    I like it and so does my sweetheart (I showed her the pictures).

    So .....

    cheers eh?

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    Joe, this is another one of those pieces that I'm liking the more I look at it. It's taken me a little while to digest the foot (that sounds sick), but I'm likin' it now. And everything from the foot on up looks sweet, too.
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    I have to agree with Pete on this one. We get so ingrained in what everyone else thinks, that we fail to pleased the one that matters the most. Ourselves, or in my case, my LOML . But, if your satisfied with the piece, then it's a great piece. I really like this and look forward to more.

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