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Thread: New style bowl

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    New style bowl

    Well I wanted more of a wide curve but it didn't work out I kept going all wrong & figured I would stop before it got to small. It's about 1/8'' & the rolled sides were the hardest thing. This wood cuts like butter SMOOTH
    I have one coat of Mylands sanding sealer & so far one coat of Defts clear high gloss waterborne laquer.


    More thunb nail thingies :

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    You are really cranking them out Chuck, another keeper!
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    Chuck, if this is your new style bowl, I can tell you that I like that bowl.
    Nice simply forms are always the best. Very useful too.!
    Seems to me a pretty large bowl, what is the outside diameter.?
    Very well done Chuck.

    Ad. (keep up your good work!!)

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    Dimensions are 4'' wide & about 2-3/4'' tall. I wanted more of a form that from the foot it went in then swept out & up to the rim. This type of Mahogany cuts like wet wood so easy it's easy to cut a tad to deep or have the form go out the window quickly.

    I will say I printed your responses on using the Seal-A Cell & Arm-A-Seal & also
    Deft waterborne Laquer. I have 3 coats of each type on & the only one with any shine so far is the Arm-A-Seal. Maybe it's the type of wood.

    I have 2 pcs of Bubinga & I plan on trying both finishing types on that.


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    Great looking bowl Chuck. I really like the simple form on it. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    Beautiful bowl, Chuck! You're taking to this like a duck to water!
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    Very nice Chuck. I like the bead on the rim. You are indeed picking this up pretty quickly. Go man, go!
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    I like that lil' bead on the rim edge........purdy wood, too.

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