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Thread: New free Toyl

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    New free Toyl

    I had a Ray Tilt Gem Maker given to me today.

    This Toyl is used for lapidary polishing stones cutting facets etc.

    All I see when I look at it is a wet/dry sharpening system It has a 100 grit wheel which I tried out free hand on a chisel it seemed to work fine. It also has the old style glass IV bottle drip system & another aluminum disk. I am thinking 3 1/4" aluminum disks with wet/dry sand paper on both sides of different grit so it would be easy to change grits. The rig up some Tormek style tool holders & a bracket to hold them. It also had a speed control system thats just like a add on remote router speed control.

    So in between other projects I'll be Stu'ing around the shop converting the little Gem to do my bidding.
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