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Thread: need to make a bed by Thanksgiving

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    need to make a bed by Thanksgiving

    My mother-in-law is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving and the current situation of the mattress on the boxspring on the floor is no longer viable.

    My quick thought was to get some appropriately sized dimensional lumber, joint it and plane it, add an internal rabbet and put a sheet of plywood in the middle to support the box spring at an appropriate height. I would get quality grade lumber from a local yard (i.e. not the Twist & Co. BORG) and throw some Bush Oil on the outside. I'd add some extra bits of dim lumber (ripped appropriately) in the center for extra supports. Depending how quickly the project comes together I could toss in a drawer or two somewhere.

    The maple I have set aside for a nicer bedframe will not be dry for at least a year.

    Does this plan have any merit whatsoever? What would some of the rest of you do? Please keep in mind that as of yet I am far more experienced at tool collecting than woodworking.

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    works for me every night, has for a couple of years.

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    Mark, I think that you should just build a correctly sized box out of plywood under the box spring, paint it and then, when you have the time to make a nice bed do so. Once you build a quicky bed, like you are taking about, you WILL be stuck with it for all time, trust me on this.

    The quicky bed can just be a good stout plywood box, painted, the good bed can come later, when the maple is dry and your shop is more up to the task.

    Just my two yen's worth
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    Depending on the mattress/box spring set, make sure it is well supported. Our new set needed 1/2" ply on a standard metal frame. (it has the center rail with two legs) It would be fine for a few days, then I would wake up in a "hollow".
    Just FYI,

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    I did what Stu is suggesting here, for Joseph's room Last year. The young man said he just wanted a sleeping platform (he's a teenager in his buddhist stage), so I built him a sleeping platform out of painted 3/4" ply. It's about ten inches tall. It just happens to be exactly the size of a twin bed mattress

    It's got two big drawers that roll under... they're boxes, really, with false fronts, and they roll on small casters on the floor. The whole kit and kaboodle took less than a day, and there's no teenager mess that can get underneath, since the whole thing is enclosed. Two pieces of plywood, a few cuts on the table saw, glue and an air nailer, and life is good...

    Oh, and paint. Pure bright white. Shiny, clean... and washable...



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