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Thread: p/c guided circular saw rumor....

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    p/c guided circular saw rumor....

    sounds like portercable is looking into jumping into the guided circular saw arena?
    here`s what i base my assumption on;

    interesting to see how quality compares to festool?
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    That's another new one on me. Wattizit? What would one look like?
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    Interesting, but it does seem kinda strange if it was shown at the Las Vegas show, that NO ONE that went to that show has mentioned it at all on the forums before now. I know the show is very large with a lot of stuff to see, but you'd think SOMEONE that saw it would have mentioned it, if for no other reason than to stir the Fes Tool/EZ folks on "the other forum". If they are going to do it, maybe with the dollar plunging like it is, American made "MIGHT" actually be a bargain for a change, ('course, it will probably be made in Tai/Chi though).

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