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Thread: First bowl

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    First bowl

    Well, it is with some trepidation that I post this, considering all the wonderful stuff I've seen here, but I've got to start some where.

    In August LOML and I packed the car and started roaming, got to Atlanta as mentioned in this thread

    Took a one day turning workshop. Here is the result, time didn't allow me to finish sand or finish, (as you can see from some of the tooling marks -- I don't even remember if I got to use a scraper on it) so now I guess I've got some handwork in front of me.

    I do have a spinny thing on order, not here yet and I am sure it will take a bit to get it set up. Don't know how I'm going to be able to attach this (jam chuck for outside?) but how do I finish the inside?

    I think its maple, 7" dia, 1 5/8 deep

    Thoughts, comments, criticism and guidance deeply appreciated!

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    Congrats, Jay! You've been bit by the bug. Those classes get ya every time!

    Neat classroom bowl. My classroom bowl came home in multiple pieces! The instructor said "Here, let me clean that up for you!"

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    Very nice Jay !! I think you've got it in one try.

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    No need for trepidation, Jay. That's a better first bowl than many of us here have made. We've nearly all been in the same position. I think your bowl came out great so far.

    To finish the inside, I suspect you could use a donut chuck. It would be a little odd, since you'd be working inside the donut itself, but I think it'd be doable.
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    EXCELLENT! Thats better than the bowl I did today.

    Congrats on the recent lathe order. You might as well count your money now as it'll be the last time you have any
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    1st, eh??????? Dang.

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    Way to go Jay!

    You can also finish it by hand sanding it, or putting the power sanding deal in a chuck on your lathe, then moving the bowl around the sanding head.

    Anyways, great first effort, looks like it would hold a bit of ice cream or some M&Ms

    Sign and date it!
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    Yessir, that is a great start!

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    Wish my first looked as good. Well done.

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    Jay the bowl is a beauty. Very nice first bowl. Congrats.
    Bernie W.

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