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Thread: Avacado Wood

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    Avacado Wood

    My sister lives in Florida and in her county it is illegal to fell a tree w/o permission from the county (whatever) society... Well, she has an avacado tree and wanted it cut. She got permission and saved me the log. (not too big but big enough fo a couple of small projects. She painted the ends for me and brought them on her last visit to mom. Now they are in the back of my truck and about to find a home in my shop.

    Wonder what the wood will look like when I turn it? It was cut a month or so ago so it is still green but I wonder if it is truely "Avacado Green"... (?) Been too busy with Family adventures and Critical situations going on of late to be able to face my lathe for any pleasureing moments but have a host of plans for the upcoming winter...

    Anyone ever turn Acacado?

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    I've never turned it, but I recall seeing a piece done with it, and it looked real nice. Looking forward to seeing what you find inside the log.
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    Don't know if it's green, but I bet it smells like guacamole!!!

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    rob durfos Guest

    avocado wood

    we just milled some 8/4 slabs, kilned them and ripped them into lumber. this wood is destined to be a wet bar countertop. i am experimenting with different finishes on test pieces right now. the wood is fine grain tan color with areas of darker streaking, overall pretty good-looking and shows promise. if you like i will keep you abreast as we come closer to finishing this piece for our client.

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    Les Cool! Mine pieces are not near as large as the one pictured in the back or the Pick-up truck. A small piece that needs some TLC as soon as I can muster the time. Keep me abeast of the results of your Avacado.

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