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Thread: what if

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    what if

    i hope this is in the right forum... but i have had some experiences in the last year or so that has got me to thinkun,, rare i know tod but once in awhile i do.. we all have probally got projects that we have got partially done that are for a specila someone that means alot to us.. what if we were afflicted with something that stopped our progress on those projects but we were still aware that they needed to be done,, what would you do?? who would you have do it? and why? if someone wants to maek this into a poll go for it... but l for one am intersted in this,, i almost lost my brother last night and when i tried flying last fall, it knocked some sense into my bottom which in turn made to my head as well... he has a brain anurisum that burst monday evening.. i spent most of the night waiting to hear him speak again... he did and gave me #$%^ like he always does thanks for listening and will be back to see what you would do with those specail projects......
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    Larry, sorry to hear about "D" I'm glad he is doing better.

    Now the question.

    I have often wondered when I am contracted to build something (house, garage, pole barn, etc) what would happen if I would the job get finished, who would do it...I have yet to come up with a answer, but I am pretty confident the fella that helps me out when I am building, would probably step forward and see the project to a end. I also believe my family would find the means to make sure it got done....

    however these projects in my shop, wifes sewing cabinet, grandsons crib, Brunos maple cabinets....I just don't know. I'd like to think my two sons would finish the baby crib, Bruno would come and pick up his cabinet and install it, and my wife would know that what is done was made with love and more than likely my boys would see it to a end as well.

    Good question, certainly makes one think.

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    Interesting post Larry. will have to think that one through.

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    Sorry to hear about your brother Larry, we just went through that with my Mom, but she is back to her regular self, thank goodness!

    I know that most anything I've started would never get finished, such is life, I know that my tools will be sold off and I don't really have a problem with that, I'd hope that my brother or some local friends would help my lovely wife with said sell off, but my worst fear is that my wife would sell my tools for what she thinks I paid for them (I know, old joke, but it still makes me chuckle)
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    what if we were afflicted with something that stopped our progress on those projects but we were still aware that they needed to be done,, what would you do?? who would you have do it? and why? ......
    i honestly don`t know larry?......i figure i`ll keep buildin` `till i can`t build any more then family will have to kick the dirt in on me...the stuff i`ve left is a legacy and i hope to leave lots more
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    Larry, glad to hear your brother came to his senses and gave you :soapbox: :soapbox: !!!!!!

    At this point, I don't honestly know what would happen. I had an Amish friend that had his coffin standing in his shop with shelves in it, when he died, his family took the shelves out and put him in. I have always admired that type of humor/honesty. I guess like my life, the projects would stop. But through the sell off or hand out of my tools, new projects would begin and different twists would occur.

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    Larry.....I really don't know the answer except maybe leave a paper trail.....accurate drawings that one's children or another craftsman could interpret to finish the project.

    Glad to hear your brother's on the mend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Larry, glad to hear your brother came to his senses and gave you :soapbox: :soapbox: !!!!!!
    Ditto, Larry.

    I've thought about this question, especially since we "fell" into the laser business by this very route. The lady who owned our first laser was elderly, did the work just as a way to earn a little extra money once a year, and her husband has dementia and can't even type on a computer. She died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Her only child lives across the country and had no interest in the business or learning how to run the thing. LOML and I stepped in, bought the machine and the business and we were off and running, but we got it only because we knew her, had used her services, her husband trusted us, and we were able to pay for the machine.

    Fortunately, our son has already expressed great interest in the business--all facets of it: turning, lasering, wood-working, and he's already getting up to speed on the graphics program necessary and learning to turn. So, we have a built-in fall-back position--our son. He is prepared to pick up stakes from where he currently lives to move to NM to take over if and when the need arises. Otherwise, everything would go on the auction block, I guess.

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    Larry. I'm very sorry to hear about your brother.
    Its really tough when someone you know, especially a family member, has health problems.

    Hopefully he will recover fully.

    If you need anything, just holler.

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    I had a carpenter die in the middle of a recent job for me. Nothing like your talking about, not family. But I did know his wife really well. She works at my Bank and I work for them through her sometimes.

    Anyway. a few days latter his son that worked with him showed up. He said since this was the last job he would ever work on with his father he was going to see it through. It was a small job and I would have finished it myself. But he insisted and did the work by himself. I told him if he needed a hand to just holler but I was going to stay out of his way and let him do what he wanted. He really wanted to finish it up, which I admired him for.

    If it is me, the project will never be finished. No kids and I don't know anyone around here with the skills to finish anything I am doing. Just don't have any local woodworking friends.
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