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Thread: Drawer Component Dimensions as Function of Size

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    Drawer Component Dimensions as Function of Size

    I do not have experience making drawers and as I am designing a children's chest of drawers, I am uncertain how to dimension/configure the drawers.

    Specifically, as the width of the drawer gets larger, do other dimensions have to increase. Can a 1/4 inch ply (nowadays really 3/32) serve as a drawer bottom if the drawer width approaches 36"? Seems like it would sag (clothes and such in the drawer and not tools), but I am unsure and don't have time to build a test drawer to see.

    Can someone here share from your experience on this question.

    What is a practical limit to the width of a single drawer? Is the answer influenced by whether a mechanical extension slide is used vs just a runner system?



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    if a fellow glues 1/4" baltic birch into a dado it`s plenty strong for a dresser at 18"x36" regardless of drawer guide type....floating loose it`s iffy.
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    Another option would be the runners being used. For example, a wooden runner centered on the bottom of the drawer should provide enough support for the 1/4" ply bottom. But I would make sure to use side runners as well.

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    I have used 1/4" BB ply glued into dados in 1/2" BB ply over a span of 22" x 22" deep with no signs of sag. 36" is quite a wide drawer, have you considered 2 narrower ones? In general you should be OK assuming good quality ply (not that BORG stuff). I also like Billy's suggestion of a center support if the 36" is a must-have.
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