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Thread: Sears Bandsaw-Excellent service

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    Sears Bandsaw-Excellent service

    I picked up a new benchtop bandsaw today that was on sale at Sears, got the last one the store had. When I got home I discovered an empty envelope which should have contained the owners manual, I figured it was going to be a hassle to get an owner's manual but I called Sears anyway. I got the most helpful woman on the phone who spent a great deal of time helping me find the owner's manual on the internet, I printed it out & was good to go. I often do a lot of (too much) complaining about poor service but was nice to get such good and helpful service.

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    Excellent. Its always good to hear about good customer service.
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    Great news, I hope you got her name/email address, or a fax number for the service manager so you can send in an "atta girl!"

    Nothing helps keep service people motivated more than recognition from the customers that they can show their bosses.


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