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Thread: EMail Contact During Outages

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    EMail Contact During Outages

    Hi All,
    Just informational. The recent Forum outage just happened to coincide with a local problem on my system. I received a message about a database problem and was supplied an email to contact the administrators of FWW Forum.

    This email was bounced back as undeliverable. It may be that the destination is standing on the same server that was having trouble (not a good plan) but, just in case it is a matter of updating information somewhere; the failed email supplied was ''

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    Thanks Glenn, we will look into that, but the whole box that our site was on was down for sometime, I do not know if that box would have contained the e-mail server as well, we will check.

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    The domain address probably resides on that box that went down, therefore routing of the went down with it. Interesting configuration. Thanks for th ahrd work to get us back up and very little data loss.

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