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Thread: Florida Woodworking Expo?

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    Florida Woodworking Expo?

    I just received a registration form from Redmond and Son to the Florida Woodworking Expo (TSI EXPOS) December 6th and 7th. It does state that "These are not hobbyist shows". My question is: Are these types of shows interesting for the hobbyist or are they a waste of time? I would think that they would be intersting even though most of the tools would be out of range for the non professional.

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    I will be at that show, and it is geared toward the professional shops. However, there will be lots of stuff for you to gawk at, and some you can take home with you. I'm sure you could use a five head moulder. These are good shows on a few levels. I'll also be hanging out in PG with the inlaws for a time before and after the show. We'll have to see if we can hook up.
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    That sounds great Sam!!! Will look forward to seeing you.

    And you are right, a five head moulder is what I always wanted.


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