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Thread: Table saw insert question

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    Table saw insert question

    How necessary is a hold down bolt on the front of a table saw insert? I know that the back or behind the blade needs something to hold the insert in place, but I am just not sure on the front. Sure would make making ZCIs a little easier.
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    I actually dont have one on either end. The PM66 doesn't have a provision on the factory one for a machine screw and the pin on the back of my ZCI broke off long ago. I still often have difficulty getting the ZCI out because it's such a snug fit. It's not going anywhere.
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    My stock insert has a pin on the back, and so do my homemade inserts, works fine.

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    My shop made ZCI is only held in place by friction and gravity. I have yet to have any problems with it. It is a bit hard to remove. I usually just use a screwdriver, and it pops out.
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    My saw has the rear pin and the front screw, stock. My ZCI's are the same. What type of front hold down do you have? When drilling the finger hole, the leveling screw holes and adding the pin' I'm not seeing how the front screw hole is that much more work.

    This may be because my front hole is just a 3/8" hole about 1/4" deep and then a 3/16" through hole. My old saw required a countersink slot to allow the ZCI to slide back and drop down. That was a bit of bother but, when you're already set up, just make a half dozen or so at a shot (this is my inherent laziness disguised as future preparation).
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    You're right Glenn 2 more set ups for the screw hole (I have a Craftsman 22124) is not that much more work. After digging the screw out of the dust shoot for the third or fourth time, I was more interested in the need for the screw at all.

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    My 22124's stock insert came with an anchoring screw and an end pin... I've since removed the screw. My aftermarket inserts are friction fit with an adjustable side screw. and an end issues with either.
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