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Thread: Interesting Marketing ploy

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    Interesting Marketing ploy

    The Carousel Maul, er Mall in Syracuse is the centerpiece in a huge development that is known as Destiny USA. The developer has wholeheartedly gone 'green' in this project, and recently set aside several dedicated parking spots near the entrances to the mall. If you drive a 'green' vehicle, you may register for a free parking permit which allows you to park in these dedicated slots.

    My work vehicle is on their list of approved vehicles. (mine is the yellow car), so I took advantage of the spot yesterday to go grab lunch. That photo isn't at the maul, but I think since they have their own Prius fleet (as well as Ford Escape Hybrids) I qualify.

    They're also operating all of their construction equipment on Biodiesel fuel.

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    Well, it is nice to see business embrace the concept in creative ways. I tell people my '69 Falcon is green and low emission. It's painted lime green (booger green according to LOML) and it sits in the garage most of the time.

    But I digress. It will be interesting to see if they enforce the rule as well as they do the handicap spots around here. It is amazing how many fully mobile, but mentally handicapped people use those spaces.


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