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Thread: Dust free enviroment container (home made cheap)

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    Dust free enviroment container (home made cheap)

    If you haven't ever seen my shop It's minuscule. It's about 8' x 8' I have to go outside to change my mind. Whenever I turned something I had to wait until the next day so that the dust would settle so I didn't get anything on the finish. It would take me days to do one piece. While I was doing my Route I saw 2 stands to hold folding tv tables I figured I would use them to make some depth gauges for bowls.

    I made a bowl & put the finish on & used one side of the stand on a table & draped linen napkins over to keep the dust down It didn't work. Well Pat (wife)
    bought a new comforter for our bed & after I looked at the empty plastic container that it came in I had my first wood working Epiphany. So I went to my local Borg & got some 3/4" PVC & elbows & 1/4" Hardboard. this is what I came up with. Total cost was $31

    All pics are thumbnails click to get the full size pic.

    My finishing area is the table right next to the water heater.

    Plastic zippered comforter bag.

    So this is what I came back with from the Borgs. some 3/4'' PVC & some 3 way elbows & 1/4'' Hardboard.

    I sized the frame to the bag & cut the side pieces 6'' & the length pieces at 18'' then assembled the frame.

    Then I cut the 1/4'' hardboard to fit inside for extra strength & so my turnings have a stable base to sit on. I cut the corners in a half circle so the hardboard can't come out.

    installed it inside the comforter bag

    Completed dust free environment container in it's home now I can put the finish on whatever I just did zip the bag closed & I can do more turning or sanding & not worry about getting anything on the finish.

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    Well done Chuck!
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    Great idea Chuck. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    Since I have the flap folding down I leave one side unzipped so fumes can escape. I'm thinking of putting in some kind of hole with plastic grommets & add some type of piping so you can use a slow type of blower or suction system to let fumes escape. So for now I just leave one side unzipped. I don't use any type of finishing in the basement that has toxic fumes cause the water heater is to close to me so I don't get any type of BOOM


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