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Thread: Best router for plunge work. Your suggestions.

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    Best router for plunge work. Your suggestions.

    Well, with the variable speed out on my PC 8529 router, I'm contemplating replacing it rather that repair. Maybe I can bypass the speed control and still use it. That may be one thing I try today. I have been happy with the router, except the plunge mechanism. The depth limit rod never seemed to stay locked in to the setting I made. Always wanted to slide on the rod and allow it to go deeper.
    So, with that in mind, what do you have? What are it's strengths and weaknesses? Are the kits with plunge and fixed bases worth the extra expense? (I have a PC 7518 for the router table, so the new one will not be required to do that duty)
    Thanks for any insights. Prefer information on units that are still available. Jim.
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    DW621 for lower cost or a Festool. I recently got a Festool and the dust collection is way better but I think the DW621's depth stop setup and adjustment is better. I think the plunge smoothness is about equal.
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    Another vote for the DW621.

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    DW621. Works better with a Pat Warner base. A lot of guys like the DW618. If I was going to buy a new one I would try the new Milwaukee plunge router. I hear good things about it. Upon closer look at the Milwaukee I might not go for it as it does not look like that it has a switch in the handle. If that is the case I would stay with the DeWalt621.
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    I have the DW618 2 base kit. If you like D-Handles and need an edge guide, go with the 3 base kit. I ended up picking up their micro adjust edge guide as it was not in my kit.

    I use the fixed base in my router table, anything free hand is done with the plunge base.

    It has clear lexan baseplates. The fixed comes with 2 different sized holes. The plunge only comes with the standard guide sized hole. I ended up making a replacement with a larger hole for use with a few bits.

    The turret depth stop is nice for making incrementally deeper cuts, but it is a little wobbly.
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