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Thread: More ornaments

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    More ornaments

    It snowed most of the weekend so it made turning ornaments seem a little more appropriate.
    The first is Tagua nut and African blackwood (the pic in my hand is for size reference), then Osage Orange with Redheart handle, then a couple red cedar (one with a heartwood handle, one with a sapwood handle).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tagua nut & blackwood 1.jpg   Tagua nut & blackwood 2.jpg   Osage & Redheart bell 1.jpg   Red Cedar 1.jpg   Red Cedar 2.jpg  

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    Curt, you may as well stop now. You can't get more perfect than these!!
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    Boy are those nice!
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    Curt, they are all outstanding! I am really intrigued by the small ornament though. Don't recall ever see a small one like this before.

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    Great ornaments Curt. Didn't realize that one was that small. Well done.
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    Curt, those are pretty little things. I sure wish you were nearby so I could get some spindle turning lessons. Man, you do good work!!!
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    Those are wonderful! Snow? Oh send some of that cold air down here won't you? It was 80 at 11 pm last night, we're waiting for the first "cool down" so we can turn off the A/C

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    Late to chime in, but those are all great pieces, Curt. Like Neal said, they sure look pretty perfect to me. I'm loving the bells. My sister plays in a hand bell choir...she'd love something like that in wood. The tagua nut piece also surprised me with its small size. Awesome, man!
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