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    Carob wood

    Here's some more free wood. Got it by passing a tree triming crew at the right time. Didn't know what kind of wood it was at the time, and neither did the crew. I later determined that it was Carob; native to the eastern Med, but a common ornamental here in AZ and SoCal. I picked several nice chunks, but wish now I would have got more. The bowl design is like my turning skills; basic, but the wood is fantastic, the pictures don't do it justice. This may be my new favorite wood to turn as far as being pretty. I think it may be spalted a bit but not sure since this is the first time I've worked this wood. I had heard carob is hard to keep from cracking but had no problem there (this is the third one I've turned), but it does tear out pretty bad which required a lot of sanding. this one is about 11"x4" and finished with danish oil and a final coat of satin wipe-on poly. Cheers, Barry
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    Basic is good, when you have a piece of wood like that, the wood will do all the talking!

    Very nice piece, I can see why you would regret not getting more of it.

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    Whoa! Very very nice!


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    Excellent bowl Barry !! Great wood and great form !

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    Man, that is some nice wood! Great bowl, too.

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    Barry that is a beautiful bowl and wood.
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