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    Old Burl

    Some one already asked "what you did this weekend" and my answer was Fishing... Lake Cumberland is one of the finest pieces of water in the US and after Katrina the corps O Engineers decided that the Wolfcreek dam didn't meet new standards and may devistate Nashville Tenn. along with all the southern Kentucky farmland in between. so they Plumited the water lever by 40 feet (still leaving it to be one of the largest Man-made lakes in the world)

    That is where I was and on a fine (Hot) sunday afternoon I happened across this stump that had been under 10-40 ft of water for the past 50 or more years (they lower the lake during the winter to catch the spring rains, but never this low) Is this not an interesting Root Burl? I wonder if it would be worth taking a saw back down they in a couple of weeks and "Rescueing" it.

    Got any ideas if it will be of any quality? I know they harvest sunken logs from Lagoons and Lakes all the time and seel them at a fine profit. I am going back in 3 weeks and can take a battery Chainsaw with me.

    Oops I Double Posted, If Art could be so fine as to dump this posting, it would suit me.
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