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Thread: New arrival

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    New arrival

    Finally the new addition to the shop arsenal arrived.

    You would have thought it was a big ONE WAY from the size of the truck
    Attachment 13279
    Love those lift gates!

    The new kid on the block
    Attachment 13280
    And his toys
    Attachment 13281
    Now I have to wait for the stand to arrive -- tomorrow maybe and then start putting things together.
    Got to find someone with a back stronger than mine to help, hmmmm maybe 3!

    I'll keep you posted on progress.

    And yes, I FINALLY learned how to insert pics in the text, thanks Vaughn for the tutorial

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    sweet! nice score jay.
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    Been nice reading your posts Jay. Look forward to reading some oh, about 3 months from now when you finally "cool off" on that new toy!!!

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    Jay......Congrats! I know a couple of people who have that lathe and love it!

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    Whoo Hoo!

    You are going to LOVE that lathe!
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    Boy I hope so Stu, I bought it because you and Bernie were so pleased with the ones you own!

    If I don't like it I can see a post entitled "Stu Made Me Do It!!"

    Can't wait to get it set up, right now I'm trying to figure out placement and read manuals -- yeah, I think this is one that I better study up on before I start throwing switches


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    Well I really like mine, and the few things I DO NOT like about mine, they seemed to have addressed with the upgraded version you and Bernie got.

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Congrats Jay !! Looks like you are starting out right !!

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    Woot! Congrats on the lathe, Jay. I'd been biting my tongue to keep from asking you what you were getting (after seeing you post that you had one on the way.) If that's your starter lathe, I can't wait to see what you get when you decide to upgrade.

    Seriously, that puppy should have you covered very nicely for a long, long time.
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    Jay, I don't even want to talk to you I am so envious. I think the DVR might be the perfect lathe for what I do. Enjoy!!! Congratulations!!!

    One word of advice, make sure you have the right inserts for your chucks if you are using Teknatool chucks. Be sure to specify the insert that has a hole for a threaded grub screw so you can lock the chuck on the lathe spindle if you are going to run it in reverse. You really don't want a chuck with a chunk of wood unscrewing itself from the spindle.
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