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Thread: ryobi bt3000 with all the extras VGC

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    ryobi bt3000 with all the extras VGC

    As I'm making my way to switch over to a "euro shop" I've decided that I really don't need my table saw.

    I've got a very lightly used BT3000 with the wide table kit ( still in the boxes) that I'd like to see go to someone who uses a TS on a regular basis. I've got a additional rip fence for it to use for a router mounted in the table and 2 of the mitre clamps.

    I'm asking $175 for the whole thing. I'm in Hagerstown MD so if you're in the surrounding 4 state area and want a good deal let me know.

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    That is a GOOD price for what you have. I have the BT3000, with the equipment you have. It is a good combo.


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    Yeah I thought I was offering a pretty good takers so far or any of the ohter places I posted it. I like it but I really dont need it....but I do need a ts 55

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    I'd jump at this deal, even with a bit of a drive, except I have a TS already. Don't give up yet, the right buyer will come along.

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    Thanks for the encouragement mate, hopefully someone will come along.
    daiku woodworking

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    shamless bump
    daiku woodworking

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    I just sent a private message with my email - I'm possibly interested in this if it's still available. Thanks!

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