As the title says I have this jig for sale and would prefer to sell it locally. I'm going to try to upload multiple pictures but if I fail just send me your email address and I'll send them to you.

The first picture is the overall view. There's no corrosion anywhere on the jig.

The next set of pictures show where the previous owner drilled and tapped the jig for a bolt. I believe he did this to support the middle for shallow drawers as he was a kitchen cabinet maker. I've removed the bolt to show it won't hurt the functionality of the jig.

The next two pictures show where the brackets which hold the template were nicked. Again this doesn't affect the functionality of the jig, in fact I've flipped the brackets so the nicks aren't near the cutting area.

The last pictures show where one of the fingers was nicked. It doesn't hurt the function of the jig.