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Thread: Rhein-Mosel river cruise

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    Rhein-Mosel river cruise

    Just back home from a rivercruise we made along the river Rhein and Mosel in Germany. It was a real fun trip. Notice that I'm using German names for the rivers and places we were been.
    To continue my story, we made this trip with our own club, exsisting of three couples, we called ourselfs '' The party animal club '', and that's excactly what we are. Remarkable is that the male part of our club have the same names, namely Ad. I'm the oldest, and to avoid confusions they called me,
    Ad1, the both others, Ad2 and Ad 3.
    We making always fun, with celebrating together carnival in Bergen op Zoom,
    and I can tell you this is the best carnival in the Netherlands, even some Americans knows this very well, like some of my penfriends.
    But now to the point. Our trip started in Arnhem in the Netherlands.
    Than the first part along the Rhein to Dusseldorf, this first part was a bit boring, seeing nothing else than large industrial plants, you are than in the ''Ruhrgebiet'', with a lot of old factory's and so on.
    After we passed Bonn, it went to more and more beautiful.
    The nicest and the most beautiful and romantic part of our trip was the river the Mosel, with beautiful sights.
    But than we arrived in Cochem, not a big town but a very romantic place with many beautiful buildings, and of course very good wine, and we dronk a lot of wine, hmmmmm.
    I have in total 334 pictures, to much for posting them all, so I dicided to post some of my favorite pictures. Might be that someone thinks, I want to see more, so let me know, it's always possible to post more pictures, even to send more pictures to someone personaly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 100_1059 - Yeah there he is, the arrive of the Azolla.jpg   100_1087 - dirty industry ( '' roergebied Duitsland '' ).jpg   100_1131 - Bonn.jpg   100_1235 - river ''mosel''.jpg   100_1282 - Cochem.jpg  

    100_1294 - Cochem.jpg   100_1310 - Alken - wine growing.jpg   100_1314 - Alken.jpg   100_1323 - Koblenz - time for a drink for the partyanimals.jpg  

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    Hi Ad, glad you made it back, and did not fall overboard!!

    Sure looks like pretty country, nice and green, how was the weather?

    June 2006, I went to Austria, and really enjoyed it, very nice. One day, at a small town on the River (Danube?) I ran into some Canadian tourists, who were on a river cruise like the one you took, they really enjoyed it, said it was very good!

    Mosel, well I guess you DID get a chance to sample some great wine!

    Thanks for sharing the pics, looks great!
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    Hoi Stuart, well in the Mosel area the weather was really good, talking about the great German wines, oh well I drunk on that night in the ''weinstube'' (wine cellar) a lot of bottles, don't know how many, but that sweet white wine was soooooo tasteful.
    So in the middle of that night at 02.30 we stumbled back on board, so loud singing that the first mate told us ''shut up''. Also in the ''weinstube'' there were beautiful German girls, and I'm never to old to dance with these nice girls. No, no, I don't fall overboard.

    Hey, have fun

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    ad, one day i hope to be able to tour europe just to see the architecture, thanks for the photos! sounds like ya`ll had a good time!
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