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Thread: How long for a stain to dry?

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    How long for a stain to dry?

    Yesterday I stained some pine with Minwax oil based stain, I did not wipe it off since the color,as applied, was what I wanted. It has been about 20 hours & many spots are still tacky, it has been very humid here with some rain
    (I'm doing the work in my garage shop).
    My questions are:
    Did I make a mistake in not wiping it off? (looks like it)
    Should I just wait a little longer?
    Should I wipe it down with some rags dipped in paint thinner?
    Any suggestions?

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    I'm not familiar with the particular stain you're using, but all stains I've used need to wiped off to avoid blotches and to bring out the grain of the wood.

    I would simply apply more stain and wipe it to an even finish. Any half-dried patches will be dissolved by the new application of stain. Repeat until the colour is dark enough.

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    duncan hit it on the nose...
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    Sometimes if you use a coat of shellac first it will help match the color better. I also agree with Duncan, wipe off all extra after a few minutes.

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