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Thread: 1st Turning - Thanks Marty & Bill Grumbine!!

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    1st Turning - Thanks Marty & Bill Grumbine!!

    Well with the help of the LOML and Bill Grumbines video I took my first trip down spinny lane...

    My trip actually began almost two years ago...

    While we were clearing the land for the shop... er um I mean Studio... we uncovered some large cherry logs that had been tucked under some old brush and dirt for over 3 years.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They were originally targeted for a burn pile but when Marty cut through one of them he felt the logs would be great to keep for a possible project down the road. Little did he know...

    Monday, Marty unveiled that he brought home the Jet JWL-1220.
    I think all those hints I kept dropping finally worked.. thank you Marty!! Yesterday while I was at work he put the lathe together and mounted it on the work bench. He also took the chainsaw and cut some of the old cherry logs and made some bowl blanks (now am "I" lucky or what?? ) and sharpened the turning chisels to help me prepare for an evening I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I got off work last night around 5:30 and made my way out to the shop. Marty suggested I grab my laptop and Bill Grumbine’s video to review before I got started. I had watched it before but felt I needed a refresher course. The only turning I had ever done before was a “spindle” when we had the Shop Smith set up in VA.

    This first picture will show you not only the mess of curls that I made but also shows the platform Marty made for me to stand on. The bench is a little too high. But that’s ok, I’ll just have Marty build me a stand for the lathe

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And here is my first attempt at a bowl (thanks again Bill). It’s hard to believe that it once was as large as the blank that it is resting on. The cherry blank was almost 12” wide to begin with and now it’s about 6” wide.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I’ve learned some very valuable lessons during this “first turn”.
    #1-Sharp tools – We have a Tormek in the shop and as soon as the tools would become noticeably dull we would take care of them. It generally meant just running them over the leather wheel but what a huge difference even that would make.

    #2-Make sure your hand is against the tool rest with the tool firmly gripped before hitting the wood. When I accidentally didn’t do that it scared the heck out of me…

    #3-There is no “instant gratification” when turning a dried hard wood. The wood Bill worked with in his video was green wood and the curls would just fly like cotton. Curls flew from the cherry as well but not fluffy like his.

    #4-This gives your arms a total workout!!

    I would have posted this last night however as the clock shows by the time we got through sanding and putting a coat of Watco on it, it was pretty late.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well.. even though the critics will say it resembles a flower pot (actually that was my own thought as well) it is my very first bowl!! There are a couple of checks through the bowl and the bugs played in the wood a bit too but all in all I think it turned out alright. My first little bowl has four screw holes on the bottom, and hollowing it out was.. well interesting. Marty tells me this bowl process will be much easier once we get a chuck.

    Be looking for more projects up and coming…


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    hook line and sinker........glad you had fun denise!
    your bowl looks better than my first piece.
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    That is easily the best first bowl I've ever seen. Not only that, but that's quite a mess of cherry shavings on the floor!

    Looks like the start of a promising career in turning...



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    Tod and Bill... thanks for the kind words!!

    Off to work!!

    Thanks again!!

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    Denise, well done. Make sure you sign and date it, put it on a shelf in the shop or house, and look at it in a few months. That first one is always a special one. You won't believe how much better you will get with practice. Congrats again!
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    Hi Denise, well for a first turning......, very very well done, my compliments !!
    My first bowl was a complete failure, so you're a fast learner.
    But Bill Grumbine, yeah that's the expert in turning bowls.
    I'm curious to see your next turning. Have fun.

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    Denise that is a fine looking bowl. Like Jeff said you need to sign and date it. Put it on the shelf and a year or so down the road compare it to what you are doing then. That first one is awful special. Keep'em coming.
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    Way to go Denise!

    Cherry can be fairly difficult to turn, as it cracks a lot, I know, I've had it happen a fair bit to me.

    Yes a chuck makes things easier, as well as a donut chuck, a vacuum rig, etc etc...

    We need a sliding down the slippery slope Smilie

    I like the lathe tool holder clamped in the vice, another one of Marty's fine pieces of work I'll bet, that is a great idea!

    Now the shop looks really like a work shop, ankle deep in curlies

    My first bowl has 4 screw holes in the bottom of it too!

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    Congrats Denise, the bowl loks great. Have some more fun turning and learning.

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    Great start, Denise. Yep...the slide has begun.

    Based on the clock pic though, I'd say you were quitting early. I often get started on something, only to look up and see it's 2:00 AM or later. Lathes can be huge timesinks.
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