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Thread: Mesquite show this weekend

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    Exclamation Mesquite show this weekend

    I'm not participating this year , but here's my traditional reminder that the annual fall Texas Mesquite Association show is this weekend at the Marktplatz in Fredericksburg. Fri-Sun, free parking, free admission. Good facilities, and lots of touristy things to do in the downtown area.

    LOML and I will bring the two little dogs with us when we come up Saturday around noontime to visit.

    To answer the question (assuming anybody cares! ), I'm skipping this show because I just haven't been able to get excited about building anything for nearly a year now... and especially the past 7 or 8 months. At this point, I may be done altogether with doing things 'for sale'. Plenty of things for 'us' have been put off for a lot of years, and though patient and supportive, LOML is getting testy.


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    I don't guess we'll be able to make it this year, Kirk. We were out of town last weekend for my 50 th class Reunion, so the LOML is scheduled to work at her "Hobby Job" this weekend, Annnnnd I need to get a couple of things done at her Mom's house to help her get it ready to put it on the market while the prices are so high in this area, (if I want to stay out of the Dog House).

    Please take some pictures of anything "Noteable or NEW" that you see there this year, and give us a report, so I can see what I missed. Hopefully there won't be so many conflicts this time next year and we can make it again.

    Have Fun, (and don't eat too much at the (Cotton Gin? IIRC).

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    Good to see you drop in, KC. Sorry you're not showing anything this year, but it sounds like you needed a break, and you've got your priorities straight.
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