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Thread: Radial Arm Saw, Antique - $250 (Not Mine)

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    Radial Arm Saw, Antique - $250 (Not Mine)

    Jacksonville, FL. Craigslist

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    Date: 2007-10-11, 2:05PM EDT

    Excellent Condition.
    De Walt, 10" Radial Arm Saw.
    Serial # 536H05, 3425 RPM, 1 hp. Model GW.
    Local inquiries only please.

    Location: Julington Creek
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    For someone looking for a RAS that "appears" to be a good deal! IIRC that is the model just smaller than mine. Very heavy built and should last a life time. And it looks good! Thats unusual. I be it doesn't last long.
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