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Thread: smokin` deal on a new 17" drill press

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    smokin` deal on a new 17" drill press

    just another tai/chi unit but this is over a hundred bucks cheaper than wholesale on some other colors....
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    Good catch Tod! I wish the budget (and shop) had room for it. Hopefully this deal will hang around longer than some of the Amazon deals.


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    That's impressive for the money. If you bought the lamp, the motor and the chuck the rest of the unit is free.
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    I saw that unit in Sears about 6 months ago, it looks VERY similar to the Steel City one I bought (before I saw the Sears model) for LOTS more bucks!


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    Dang Tod, you've got me trying to figure out where I'd fit that in my shop. I've got a great space for a benchtop DP, but I'm not sure where I'd fit floor model.

    At that price, I may just have to buy it and store it until I can figure out where to put it.

    [Edited to add...]
    Well, it took me all of about 15 minutes to decide on this one. I still don't know where I'll fit it, but I've got a couple days to do some rearranging before it's here. A $530 tool for less than $200 out the door is hard to pass up.
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    That is a Very good deal!

    However I do like the six inch stroke, split head and external micro-adjustable depth stop on my Steel City.


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    Didn't Last Long???

    They must not have had many of them, OR......they made a mistake & caught it, because when I clicked on the link to see which model it was, the page that came up said, "the product you are looking for is no longer available".

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    Looks like that you are right Norman. I'll bet that it was a mistake. Those kinds of deals do not last long and you really have to jump on them. Good move Vaughn and Rob.
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    allen, just tried it and hit refresh.....looks fine on this end?
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