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    Thumbs up Casters

    Well a friend posted about some casters that he got I finally found the post & just received them. I got 8 of them they were only $4 each they have a wheel & swivel lock. They are supposedly rated for 155 lbs each wheel. The swivel does move freely & the brake seems to work nicely also. I got this one
    [Northern tool casters model # 1899021 I bought 8 of them 4 for a base for my BS & 4 of them for my steel tool cabinet / grinder stand. I have to put my buffing system on the back of my grinder stand due to no place / space else to put it. at least now when I want / need to buff any turned piece all I have to do is pull cabinet away from the wall spin it to the backside to use the buffer when done rotate it back. I'll post about how it takes the weight when I make the base for it next week I'm not working from Wed - Sun I need some mental health time off & I got way to much vacation time not used up.


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    Chuck, very handy, I'm curious to see the outcome.
    Everything okay with you, sounds like you need some free time.
    Anyway, have a lot of fun next week.

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    That's a great deal on those casters Chuck. I paid $6 each for the same style caster from Harbor Freight not to long ago.
    They are very good free rolling castors.


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    You got that right I'm about ready to go postal & I can do that cause I work for the USPS

    Thanks that's good to know.
    They look pretty good I just hope they can handle the weight of my cabinet with assorted crap inside.


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